General Hospital Alum Bryan Craig Introduces The World To His Little Angel


General Hospital

General Hospital: Oh! It feels amazing when you welcome someone special in your life. The feeling of love and satisfaction with merely a glance of them can mean the World to you. General Hospital alum Bryan Craig is experiencing similar emotions as he welcomes his little angel. He has introduced her with a carousel Instagram post sharing her pictures. The former Morgan from General Hospital is all thrilled and excited as he calls her ‘perfect.’

General Hospital Alum Bryan Craig Has News For Fans


Bryan Craig, along with his girlfriend Daniela Lopez Osorio, has brought a little angel into their lives. It is a cute and adorable four-legged fur ball. The pup made his debut via Bryan’s Instagram post. Wherein she stares into the camera in the first picture while she looks away in the second picture. While introducing her to his fans, Craig stated that he was never very fond of small dogs, but that was his perception until he met his baby. Indeed, nobody can disagree with him after seeing the beautiful pictures of this furball.

His girlfriend has even revealed their little angel’s name in his Instagram post’s comments. As she commented, ‘Our baby, Blue.’ Bryan’s love for the pup is efficiently conveyed when he mentions that Blue is Perfect, even though she has eye boogers. Not just Bryan, even his fans are equally excited about the arrival of this pup. As they have poured their hearts with the comments like ‘Those ears robbed my whole heart,’ ‘So stinking cute, she is perfect,’ ‘She is fricken adorable,’ and various other love-filled comments.

General Hospital


While this General Hospital alum seems to enjoy his personal life to the fullest, he is also soaring in his professional life. Although General Hospital fans dearly miss Morgan Corinthos

(the character played by Bryan Craig), he is now a part of a Freeform show, “Good Trouble.” He portrays the role of Joaquin Perez, an independent investigative journalist in the series, and has caught everyone’s eye for sure.
In the latest season of the show, He and his on-screen sister Jenna are all prepared to prosecute Silas. Have you seen the show? How did you like it? Tell us in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to drop a “❤️” for Morgan’s little angel in the comments below.



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