General Hospital: Genie Francis’ Daughter Makes SOAP DEBUT


In a recent episode of General Hospital, fans were in for a treat to an extra special surprise when a new face made her soap opera debut. The drama was already at an all-time high as Sasha faced obstacles during her comeback appearance on Home & Heart. However, amidst the chaos, someone very close to one of the show’s legendary stars stole the spotlight. It was none other than Eliza Frakes, the daughter of Genie Francis and Jonathan Frakes. Were you able to catch her appearance in the episode? If not, don’t worry! Keep reading to find out how the episode unfolded with the introduction of Eliza Frakes.

General Hospital Fans Witness Sasha’s Comeback!


The episode of General Hospital that aired on Tuesday, May 16, 2023, was packed with intense moments. Haven made another attempt to undermine Sasha during her highly anticipated return on the show Home & Heart. Adding to the chaos, someone significant from one of the ABC soap’s iconic stars made an unexpected appearance. It contributed to Cody’s urgent efforts to help his friend. As Sasha stepped onto the stage, she started hearing the sound of a crying baby through her earpiece. Lucy and Brook Lynn, who was standing nearby, sensed that something was amiss with Sasha, as did a few members of the show’s staff.

Surprisingly Cody was also present at the scene. He went up to the producer and his personal assistant, Julie, and boldly approached them to cut off the sound. He began undressing and issued a threat that he would streak across the stage unless they immediately cut off the sound. Eventually, the producer yielded and angrily instructed Julie to comply with Cody’s demand. Later, Julie informed Brook Lynn, Lucy, and Sasha that she had received a call from someone and swore it wasn’t a stunt. In the end, Sasha overcame her fears, faced them head-on, and regained control over her life.


Did you happen to recognize the actress playing Julie? It was Eliza Frakes, the daughter of Genie Francis and Jonathan Frakes! It’s always thrilling to see celebrity kids appearing on the soap, and we’ve had the pleasure of witnessing a few over the years. Maurice Benard’s son Joshua also played Adam and even a younger version of his father’s character, Sonny. It’s a delightful treat when the next generation follows in their famous parent’s footsteps. Keep watching General Hospital to see more celebrity kids gracing your screen.

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