We Had Ai Write the Ending of ‘Yellowstone’…and It’s a BLOODBATH


How will “Yellowstone” end?

It’s a question people have been debating for years, and I recently wrote a lengthy breakdown of how I expect things to go once the credits roll for the final time on the hit western with Kevin Costner.

My guarantees were pretty simple. John Dutton, Jamie and Rainwater all die, Beth and a few others are a coin flip and Monica, Kayce, Tate, Rip Jimmy and Mo all survive.


Then it dawned on me. Why do we have to wait for Taylor Sheridan to write an ending when we can just have artificial intelligence do it for us.

That’s right, folks. I asked ChatGPT to write the ending of “Yellowstone,” and it was a complete and absolute bloodbath…as I predicted it would be.


ChatGPT predicts the ending of Yellowstone.
I fired up ChatGPT and asked one simple question: What will be the ending of “Yellowstone” with the fates of all major characters decided.

It didn’t disappoint at all. Remember, I predicted John, Rainwater and Jamie would all die. All three of them bit the bullet in ChatGPT’s end ing, which concluded with a massive final battle for the ranch. Most shockingly, Jamie sacrificed himself to save Beth. Now, that’s a twist nobody could have seen coming. However, their deaths were far from the only ones.


Beth died after suffering “critical injuries” in the final attack, and Lloyd went down fighting with the man who gave him a life and opportunity. I had Beth and Lloyd as coin flips. Both die in the AI version. So far, I’m nailing it. Walker also died, another coinflip, and his death “served as a poignant reminder of the harsh realities faced by those entangled in the violent world of Yellowstone.”

Do we all remember what I predicted for Rip? I said he’d survive after losing everything he cared about. A fate worse than death. That’s exactly what happened in the AI version.

Finally, Kayce, Monica and Tate all survived – again, as predicted – but ultimately leave the ranch due to “overwhelming” grief about all those who died.


You can read the entire AI ending below. It’s scary accurate to what I said would happen.

Well, there you have it, folks. John Dutton and most of the ranch is going up in flames, and the survivors leave it in the dust. It’s crazy how that’s pretty much the exact ending.

Now, if you want to read something hilarious, I also had ChatGPT write a version where John Dutton admits to being involved with JFK’s death in his final moments. Enjoy!

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